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Design Thinking Summit 2016

06 - 08 Apr 2016

The Design Thinking Summit brings Design Thinking to Graz and opens a new creative space for the development of new products and services.

Design Thinking opens new paths to see products, services or processes from a completely different perspective or to solve complex problems. Structured, sensual and with outstanding results. Because the human being is always in the centre of the creative mindset.

Design Thinking Challenge
Companies and organisations now have the chance to apply with a concrete question for the Design Thinking Summit. From all questions, four will be selected, which will be refined in a preliminary interview and further elaborated in small teams together with relevant clients and users during the Design Thinking Challenge.

Date: 6 to 8 April 2016
Location: Loft Reininghaus | Reininghausstraße 11a, 8020 Graz
Early Bird Tickets are available until 15. February!