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Design Transfer // Hollenegger Design Talks 2020

22 - 23 Sep 2020

© Miriam Raneburger

The Hollenegger Design Talks will again set the stage for encounters between design and classic industries and present best practice examples in a series of nine design talks at Schloss Hollenegg on 22 and 23 September 2020.

Creativity is the raw material of innovation. This has always been true, and not just in times of crisis. What a crisis can strengthen, however is our perception of good design. A key role within this process is played by design itself. More than just a method, “Design Thinking” is, in fact, an attitude, a mindset. It means incorporating design as a creative strategy throughout the entire process of developing products or services. This means that design gains systemic importance wherever success or failure depend on the right idea, the right implementation and the right interaction of processes and products. No matter what the stage of development of a service or a product is at a given moment: design can and will make the decisive difference. Good design, poor design – this is no longer a question of taste!

At the Hollenegger Design Talks 2020, nine teams of designers and business people will use best-practice examples to illustrate how design contributed to the success of their product; they will showcase the development process and demonstrate how they were able to benefit from design – before, during and after the crisis. The presentations range from modular office furniture of the future that can be swiftly adapted as needed to the design concept for particularly user-friendly signposting that helps skiing aficionados navigate ski runs by means of colour coding and pictographs. Another talk presents the positive outcome for mountain bikers when Nature’s ingenuity and human creativity join forces. Design is as versatile as the solutions it creates.


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