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Designmonat Graz 2017

28 Apr - 28 May 2017

The month of May focused on Designmonat Graz (Month of Design). An extensive programme provided an insight into different creative disciplines and links with various designers. Events such as exhibitions, workshops or lectures invite you to networking in the UNESCO City of Design Graz.

From 29th April to 28th May, Designmonat Graz 2017 is coordinated and organised by Creative In-dustries Styria (CIS) – already for the ninth time. There is a persistent strong interest in the event.

A successful Designmonat Graz 2017 turned Graz into an internationally renowned hotspot of design. In May 91,100 people visited 126 single events, that were staged with 101 programme partners and 431 designers or labels. About 200 reports of Designmonat Graz in print, TV and radio media, as well as numerous national and international postings, articles and blog posts on online portals and social media channels are a proof of the powerful international radiance of the festival.

In the course of Designmonat Graz 2017 the programme focuses on ‘Smart Design – Smart Production’ and deals with the age of digital networking and the multifarious tools of the Digital Revolution. Last but not least, the protagonists of the creative industries – developers, researchers, programmers and designers – are the ones who created and enabled the new technological age. There are also plans for a ‘Smartness Conference’ on this subject.

Major events
The exhibition ‘SELECTED’ has a long tradition in terms of current interior design trends of different brands from diverse countries. What is new, is not only the presented trends but also the location because this year the exhibition is staged in the Museum of Natural History at Joanneumsviertel.
The successful format ‘Design in the City’ continues to actively involve commercial companies of Graz in the programme of Designmonat. By doing so, the participating companies launch design activities in addition to their everyday business. Further, the fashion and design festival ‘assembly’ will once more be a part of Designmonat Graz.

Established partners
Designmonat Graz will again include the production ‘Klanglicht’ of Bühnen Graz – this year it will take place on two days at selected locations. Schloss Hollenegg for Design invites to the exhibition MORPHOSIS around the topic ‘change, evolution and transformation/metamorphosis’. The fans of Fesch’Markt may also look forward to the month of May. In cooperation with FH Joanneum, the Department of Media & Design wants to familiarise us with the media design of the 1970s. The exhibition called ‘The Orange Age’ presents audio and TV devices as well as communication and office appliances, provided by Heinz Fischer. In addition, we plan lectures on the issue of smart communication in the future.

New accents
‘Smart Urban Privacy’ is the name of a cooperation with Holzcluster Styria, in the course of which we present objects, that enable a temporary retreat at lively, public locations. The smart city furniture for ‘digital natives’ or ‘digital immigrants’ rely of course on the smart material wood. Speaking of wood: within the regional focus on Raabtal, we will stage the second design battle in May, where teams of designers and specialists will cope with a task based on the topic ‘wood’.