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Eastern Elegance Shines at the 12th Shanghai Customization Week

22 - 28 May 2023

On the evening of May 22, 2023, the 12th Shanghai Customization Week, hosted by the Shanghai International Fashion Federation, opened at the BFC Bund Finance Center.

With the theme “Cloud Robes, Eternal Beauty,” this edition of Shanghai  Customization Week featured a series of exciting fashion and cultural events, including new product launches, fashion experimental dramas, thematic static exhibitions, high-end customer experiences, and brand salons.

The current Shanghai Customization Week actively responded to sustainability and digital intelligence.The shape-shifting virtual character MONA made its appearance during Customization Week. For the first time, a limited edition of NFT digital collectibles was launched, jointly designed by several renowned digital visual artists. A total of 2023 NFT digital cubes converged to form an cloud installation artwork in the sky over the Bund.

Several well-known brands unveiled their latest creative designs throughout the week-long Customization Week. In addition to fashion shows, prominent brands such as GRACE CHEN, LUSANT, ST.JOHN, DORM KIDS COUTURE, hosted a variety of themed exhibitions and salons with high attention.


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