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Entretiens Jacques Cartier 2016

21 - 23 Nov 2016

After the success of the symposium «Living Lab, catalyst of responsible and local economic development» in November 2015, the Cité du design will organize a second symposium with the international network of French-speaking Living Labs. It will take place in November 2016 in Saint-Etienne within the framework of the French-Quebec event called «Entretiens Jacques Cartier». This international scientific meeting assembles each year some 15 symposiums organized by joint steering committees from Canadian Quebec Region and French Rhône-Alpes Region, and it explores the scientific, technological, economic, social, cultural and political latest important issues by the both side of the Atlantic Ocean. The Entretiens Jacques Cartier have been a preferential factor of exchanges between Saint-Etienne and Montréal since 2003, and an important cooperation event for the two UNESCO Creative Cities of Design.

Further information on http://www.centrejacquescartier.com/