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Entretiens Jacques Cartier France-Quebec Symposium 2019 in Montréal

05 Nov 2019

Entretiens Jacques Cartier Participative inclusion of citizens in health and well-being © ets

Saint-Etienne – Montréal Symposium :
Participative inclusion of citizens in health and well-being – the LivingLab and interdisciplinary approaches.

Date : 5 November 2019
Location : Société des Arts Technologiques – Montréal

The participative inclusion of citizens is a societal issue impacting numerous institutions and communities. In the field of care and health, innovative ecosystems have been created, which adopt the “living labs” practices. They try to integrate all the stakeholders, from the beginning of a project to the delivery of a final product or service at the bedside of the patient-citizen. This model of Living lab favours user-centred, collaborative and evolutive processes taking account of the various knowledge and experiences. It enables an inclusive, diversified care experience for the patient and the professionals involved. It improves the quality of the services, with the aim of an enhanced collective and individual well-being.

The symposium will gather and federate multiple speakers from France, Europe and Quebec, working in heath ecosystems and communities’ services. Researchers, creative people, patients, citizens, medical practitioners, policy makers and entrepreneurs will exchange on the various issues of inclusive inclusion of citizens in this context.

Amongst the speakers, Isabelle Verilhac – Head of International Affairs and Business & Innovation Department of Cité du design, and Céline Michelland, designer, will talk about the experiences of co-design in health sector led in Saint-Etienne.

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