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Exhibition « le jour suivant » (the day after )

01 - 27 Oct 2019

Nicolas Crémoux - Design mention Espace - Le temps d'une pause © Sandrine Binoux

The exhibition «le jour suivant» (the day after) presenting the works of students graduated in June 2019 is a key moment for the ESADSE. We decided to plan it as an opening event for this year, as an objective for the artists and designers in the making. Selected pieces from Art and Design diplomas give an overview of the involvement shown by the students in their Master completion year and in their whole curriculum. “The day after” highlights the plurality of artists and designers from various mentions (Art ; Space Art & Design ; Object Design ; media Design), demonstrate the emulation coming from the interaction between art and design, and show the whole range of their practices. The true richness of the ESADSE stands her.