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Fifteen Second Festival 2018

07 - 08 Jun 2018

What started 2014 as a contemporary marketing conference has grown into an interdisciplinary business festival gathering thinkers and makers from all around the world. In 2017, over 4100 curious people decided to join Fifteen Seconds Festival and came to Graz.

Over 5.000 visionaries from various fields such as marketing, advertising, media, technology, HR and leadership connect at this festival. Among the 100 international speakers for 2018 are Ben Hammersley, Futurist & Writer – Wired, Kodi Foster, SVP Data Strategy – Viacom, Melissa Rosenthal, Executive Vice President – Cheddar, and Jia Jiang, Entrepreneur & Author – Rezeption Therapy.

Meet people that change the way you think!

Ellen Petry Leanse, Leadership Coach Stanford University, says: “A stellar community of big-thinking innovators who will inspire and wow you. This festival is on my A-list.”
Jim Piercy, Creative Director, The Wall Street Journal “I can’t wait to return in 2018.”

The sincere goal is to enable people to do better. Where to improve depends on every single person and the current business challenges one faces. People are invited to come and receive thought-provoking impulses for positive change.

There are 100 international speakers invited. Five stages are open for discussions. Generally speaking, the program attracts a highly diverse audience. See which attendees of the respective disciplines already joined FIFTEEN SECONDS with their companies and whom will be in Graz 2018 here.

Further information

For further information click see the website of the festival here.

Press Contact: Nino Groß
Communications Management
+43 664 883 60 743

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