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Helsinki Design Week 2017

07 - 17 Sep 2017

(c) Aino Huovio

Q&A – Questions & Answers

Looking for questions and answers highlights the fact that good design always entails good thinking. Since quite a while, the value of design has surpassed making mere objects and included insight and questioning the obvious.
The theme encourages us towards open-mindedness, vision, exploration and discovery. Criticality is important, and so is openness before options. The theme tackles social questions that impact the future.
How can we use design to build better cities and a better society? How could design-thinking benefit new areas? We must ask the right questions and come up with answers that remain relevant in the future. The theme includes topics like urban development, education and learning, sustainable development, spaces and houses, as well as entrepreneurship and collaboration in the creative fields.

Another important dimension is internationality. Helsinki Design Week has kicked off and chairs a new World Design Weeks networks in a time when international interactivity faces new challenges and questions. Populism, nationalism and protectionism emerge in many countries, but new ideas and innovations require openness, engagement and tolerance to develop.
During the years to come, we need to convince national organizations that international networking and dialogue produce more common good than short-sighted pursuit of national interest. How do we do this?

In September, we’ll be looking for answers in hundreds of Helsinki Design Week events!

The programme
Helsinki Design Week has published its main events for 2017, including new tram discussions, city installations and hard questions. This year’s novelties include after-work design discussions on trams, Data-Driven Design Day that encourages us to utilize data, and World Design Weeks Summit that is to unite international design influencers and Finnish operators.

See the programme here.
For further information visit: helsinkidesignweek.com