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International Creative Cities Design Innovation Forum

15 May 2019

© UNESCO Creative Cities (Shanghai) Promotion Office

Hosted by UNESCO Creative Cities (Shanghai) Promotion Office, the annual forum focuses on innovation and design of the city.

2019 International Creative Cities Design Innovation Forum was held in Shanghai on 15th May with the theme of “Culture and Creative Empower Sustainable Urban Development”. Experts and practitioners from UN-Habitat, UK, Italy, German and Canada carried out in-depth discussions on the vital value of culture and creativity in promoting urban regeneration and sustainable development. About 300 people from government, associations, universities, companies and medias participated in the forum.

ADG for Culture UNESCO Mr. Ernesto Ottone R. had the video address to congratulate on the success of the forum. He highlighted, UCCN formed a global laboratory of innovative ideas and practices in dealing with urban challenges and opportunities of our time. UNESCO would like to work together with partners and stakeholders of all fields to better illustrate and advocate for cities’ essential impact on the transformation of our world accelerated by globalization, urbanization and technology.

Renowned designers, scholars, entrepreneurs and professionals made keynote speeches and shared experiences, knowledge and best practices including the renewal within the Global Urban Agenda, imprints of city development and vitality from design aspect, visual quality for better urban environment, old buildings renewal, innovation through regeneration, urban renewal practice with Italian Criticism and finance supports for cultural and creative clusters.

Representatives of China creative cities, such as Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Wuhan joined in round table discussion on the topic of activating vitality of city with design and contributions to UCCN development.


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