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International Day of Happiness

20 Mar 2019

Photo: Martynas Plepys photo

On the 20th of March 2018, Kaunas2022 initiated the celebration of the International Day of Happiness in Kaunas. We are the official ambassadors of the Day of Happiness in Lithuania. This “we” refers not only to the team of Kaunas 2022, but also to our numerous partners, friends and fellow Kaunasians. So, we cannot do anything without the help from all of you and them. Up until 2022, we plan to grow the happiest festival ever; its participants will include baristas, cooks, actors, guides, academics, artists, doctors, drivers of the public transport, museum employees, businessmen, pilots and all the residents of the city and the district.

This year everyone is invited to open the door for the ones exposed to greater difficulties when accessing the cultural life in the city and the surrounding areas, the shrines of art, public spaces or transport, shopping malls and other locations in our city.

That is why we say: Make Way for Happiness!


Photo: Martynas Plepys photo

Further Information

See the official website here – https://www.laimesdiena.lt/en or else click here – https://kaunas2022.eu/en/designing-happiness/.

Get in contact via email – irute@kaunas2022.eu.


Photo: Martynas Plepys photo