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11th Bienniale Internationale Design Saint-Étienne

21 Mar - 22 Apr 2019

Biennale internationale Design Saint-Etienne 2019 poster

ME – YOU- NOUS – Designing common Ground

For its 11th edition, the Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne will embrace the challenge of “Designing common Ground”, as proposed by its principal curator, the American designer Lisa White.

What is design today? A table, a train, a cobot, a community…
On the edge of the year 2020, design is more about systems than stuff.
It is about producing environments and experiences.
It is about creating connections to the built world, but especially to other people.

Increasingly, people’s individual health and well-being is linked to the greater community they are a part of – and design can play a significant role in creating that community. The key objective of the 11th Biennale will be uncovering the objects, expressions, systems and points of view that are changing our world – and finding ways to allow them to coexist and collaborate.

ME – YOU – NOUS is about radical collaboration in an age of pervasive individualism.

Our 11th Biennale will be exceptional because of its distinguished guests: Lisa White as principal curator, John Maeda, a major player in digital design, the Chinese designers from Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Wuhan, who have worked side by side with the key players of Saint-Étienne, the important French companies with whom we work, students of the Saint-Étienne Higher School of Art and Design and the intellectuals Cynthia Fleury, François Jullien and Michel Lussault. This edition will be filled with encounters, discussions, and presentations which will be the living form of the common ground that design makes us think about.

Like each edition since the nomination of Saint-Etienne city of Design 2010, the UNESCO Creative Cities will be at the center stage.

Chinese UNESCO Cities of Design will be the guests of honour. We asked Fan Zhe, the director of the Sino-French Contemporary Art Centre in Chambon sur Lignon to curate a major exhibition to represent the past, present and future of Chinese design, with the contributions of Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Wuhan, Cities of Design. With this focus, the Biennale recognizes the Chinese exponential growth and celebrates its place on the international design scene.

A Forum of UNESCO Creative Cities “Cooperation and Impact” on March, 21 and 22, 2019.

Panels and a training workshop around the theme of impact measurement in design will gather the UNESCO Creative Cities of Design, local stakeholders and designers. Adopting a learning approach, they will appraise the impact the UNESCO designation has had on their cities, on their public policies and on their global positioning. They will practice to identify impact indicators and evaluate the great transformations it has helped foster.



Following the identity of Saint-Etienne unique event, this 11th edition will be a Biennale for …

… Seeing, exhibitions supported by designers, artists and researchers, each around a theme related to major economic, societal or environmental issues.

… Participating, through a wide variety of events during a month. Whether in Cité du design – Manufacture, inside or outside the city, the Biennale is offering a rich agenda for all audiences, inviting all players to take part in this grand gathering.

… Thinking, with conferences, debates, symposia, the city will be transformed into a laboratory of thoughts, confronting different points of view to shed light on the opinions and challenges of today

Come and participate !

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