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Kaunas Art Book Fair

01 - 31 Oct 2024

“Kaunas Art Book Fair” is a value-creating and networking event, held annually since 2019 in Kaunas, Lithuania. It focuses exclusively on the culture of art book publishing, the creation of a new community, the support of the existing one and the initiation of global trends in Lithuania. The programme of the fair consists of three parts:

  1. an art book fair
  2. educational/public programme for children and adults
  3. art book exhibition. “Kaunas Art Book Fair” is organized by Kaunas Photography Gallery and in 2024 will be held for the 6th time.

In the context of other book (especially commercial) or art fairs, this fair stands out because it upholds the principle of publishing as an artistic practice and provides an accessible opportunity for emerging artists, publishers, booksellers, designers of all kinds to showcase their latest artistic publications. It is the only professionally organised annual art publication event in the Baltic states.

The aim is to create a public that understands the value of an art book and an active community of designers, artists and publishers. The aim is that art publications should not only be appreciated by a narrow circle of people interested in art and culture, but that art books should be added to the home libraries of a wider audience, and that artists and publishers should discover new audiences and broaden their readership. Also, for the art book to educate and broaden the worldview of the readers, for the subtleties of book publishing (printing, binding, choice of paper, etc.) to be addressed, for the community of art book authors and publishers from different disciplines to come together and share their experiences.

Since 2019, the fair has developed partnerships with contemporary art bookshop “Six Chairs Books”, Germany-based publishing house “Steidl”, National M. K. Ciurlionis Museum of Art, contemporary art gallery “Meno parkas”, Vilnius Academy of Arts Kaunas faculty, Kaunas Vincas Kudirka Public Library, printing house “Kopa”, “EU Japan” fund and others.

This year, the organisers want to invite participants from UNESCO Design Cities. We invite you to share art publications published in your city in recent years, which have been awarded and appreciated, and which have received attention in the field of design and art. We invite you to be part of the Kaunas Art Book Fair.








Gabrielė Arlauskaitė
“Kaunas Art Book Fair 2024” Chief Executive Director


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