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Kaunas Art Book Faire

07 - 08 Oct 2023

© Andrius Staniulis

This year marks the 5th “Kaunas Art Book Fair”. In a landscape where the involvement of Lithuanian artists in international art book fairs has become commonplace, the Kaunas Art Book Fair aspires to carve out a distinct identity for Kaunas and Lithuania on the global publishing map. Organized by the Kaunas Photo Gallery, our mission is to invigorate the city’s realm of art publishing and provoke contemplation on the essence and worth of the art book. The Kaunas Art Book Fair is free, inclusive event, accessible to all, and is scheduled to take place at the Kaunas Gallery on October 7-8.

This year, we will represent over 19 publishers, artists, and bookstores, each showcasing their unique publications. Additionally, organisers are excited to offer a range of engaging activities, including creative workshops for children, book presentations, enlightening lectures, and captivating film screenings. The central theme of this year’s fair revolves around the art of illustration and the creative endeavors of contemporary illustrators.

The fair encompasses a multifaceted approach that delves into and dissects the intricacies of the publishing process. We extend a warm invitation to publishers, artists, collectors, bookshops, and other innovative initiatives, both from Lithuania and abroad, to present and distribute their publications at our event. Throughout the fair, visitors can immerse themselves in diverse book exhibitions, attend enlightening lectures, witness engaging presentations, participate in book signing sessions, engage in stimulating discussions, and partake in hands-on workshops focused on the craft of bookmaking. By providing a platform for connection and discourse over the course of these two days, the Kaunas Art Book Fair endeavors to nurture a sense of community among avid art book enthusiasts and publishers alike.

The idea of the “Kaunas Art Book Fair” is filled by a series of keywords: art albums, photo books, zines, journals, catalogues, limited editions, independent publishing and autonomy, the freedom to experiment and create, paper and print craftsmanship, and the exploration of margins and peripheries in the realm of publishing.



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