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LAB.2030 Design Action.bdg

11 Jun 2018

Image: LAB.2030

LAB.2030 | Design Action.bdg: Fostering the Creation of Innovative Ideas for Social Development


The Bandung Creative City Forum (BCCF) 
is a collaborative-hub facilitating the exchange of creative ideas and knowledge, aimed at encouraging entrepreneurial initiatives and promoting the creative sector within Bandung. This independent group of volunteers is a catalyst for generating low-cost, effective improvements and urban solutions for local issues.

Workshop Design.Action.bdg

For the last 5 years, the BCCF has supported and organised a variety of social-advancement initiatives, working with residents to develop their areas in order to generate economic growth and improved communal facilities. Due to the success of the BCCF approach to social and environmental change, the team now holds an annual workshop called Design Action.bdg. This collaborative opportunity allows creative minds to generate innovative ways to solve issues within the municipality. In consolidation with ‘design thinking’ the BCCF believes in action – Design Action. Their goal is to use ideas to create prototypes for potential solutions.

Funded by the city and other private sponsorships, the event gains national and international interest, and has successfully inspired other cities to set up similar initiatives. As well as addressing urban issues, the event offers a stage for social equality due to the large number of female and young participants. The workshop has successfully encouraged local government to make improvements to social services and facilities, as well as focus their attention on the need for environmental sustainability measures.