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Ruopu CITY1000 Creative Projects

20 Jul - 30 Dec 2018

CITY1000, Designing the city landmarks, Photo: Roupu Space

The Ruopu CITY1000 Creative Projects are on-going programs run by the non-profit organization Ruopu Art Space. It is a public art initiative of social and humanistic concern. Local and international artists, designers and educators are invited as “shareholders” to share their viewpoints on each year’s academic theme, while 1000 kids and families are selected to engage in creative design classes or tailor-made events hosted in libraries and book stores, to make their thoughts and ideas on design come true. After polished by the assigned design professionals, their design works in the form of drawings will often be exhibited to the public.

Since 2015, Ruopu Art Space has hosted 57 Ruopu CITY1000 Creative Projects. Through these creative courses and artistic events, children fell in love with design. Ruopu CITY1000 Creative Projects have also been expanded from city to the countryside, from the school to the library, from public space to the children’s wards, from Wuhan to Shanghai, and from Beijing to Yangzhou. More and more children will join in.

These 57 Ruopu CITY1000 Creative Projects have attracted tens of thousands of children, and have created more than 30,000 design works. 77 artists and designers have participated in the project to recreate children’s drawings which were showed at the exhibition named “My Design Helps you——Transform


CITY1000 comes to the children ward of Tongji Hospital, Photo: Roupu Space

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