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Vision Plus Conference in México City

29 - 31 Oct 2018

Information Design as a tool for a better city

Information Design as a tool for a better city: Since México City has been announced World Design Capital in 2018, the Vision Plus conference will promote “Information Design as a tool for a better city”. Information design professionals, students and teachers from around the world will meet in México to take a closer look at the skills, competences and formats in Information Design needed to contribute to the welfare of citizens and development of cities.

According to Salvatore Iaconesi data is opinion; therefore, a city with many inhabitants is an immense pool of data and at the same time of various attitudes, fates and behaviour pattern. Based on data, what kind of tools and instruments Information Design can offer to make a city understandable, accessible, managable and easy to orientate, use and develop.

The traditional well known topics are:

  • Environment, pollution and climate change
  • Mobility (accidents, traffic and wayfinding )
  • Emergencies or Disasters – earthquake, hurricanes and floods)
  • Territorial conflicts
  • Violence and Insecurity

as well soft topics as:

  • economic and cultural development
  • access to public space
  • rigt on privacy
  • participation in soocial life

The question is: How can information design contribute to cognition, participation and understanding for a better future of cities?

Universidad Autуnoma Metropolitana

The Metropolitan Autonomous University (Spanish: Universidad Autуnoma Metropolitana) also known as UAM, is a Mexican public university, founded in1974, with the support of then-President Luis Echeverria Alvarez. The institution aims to be closely linked to the social and human environment, conserving at the forefront, with constant reinvention of research and higher education.


The International Institute for Information Design (IIID) was founded in 1986 to stimulate the development, recognition and good practice of information design in its broadest sense. Over the last 30 years IIID has become one of the best-known names for developing the information design discipline worldwide. The institute has now members and friends around the globe who are passionate about creating better information in various areas of application. IIID is recommended by UNESCO as a partner organization on matters of informations design (Resolution 4.9 of the 28th General Conference of UNESCO, 1995 Paris)

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Martin Foessleitner IIID







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Call for Contribution

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The Creative Industries Styria in Graz is the official cooperation partner of this conference. Find more information about it here (in German).


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