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29 - 30 Sep 2016

The SMARTWORK camp is a place where people openly, creatively and artistically reflect on current challenges and future opportunities for new prospects in the working world and try to concretize their solutions, ideas and projects with other people.

Day 1 – recognize developments
On the first day, we deal with the drivers or causes of changes in the working world. Together with thought leaders such as Wolf Lotter, Andreas Draw or Sabine Varetza-Pekarz we discuss current developments and look for new solutions and great ideas.

Day 2 – develop prototypes
On the second day it comes to implementation. We develop from the findings, fields of action and ideas of the first day actionable prototypes and projects in creative Future Labs. Participating companies are invited to contribute by sharing their ideas and current projects.

More information at http://smart-work.at
Programme (in German) to download: smartwork Onepager