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The Design in the Epidemic

29 Apr - 31 Aug 2020

On April 29, the theme exhibition of “The Design in the Epidemic” sponsored by Wuhan City of Design Promotion Center and Wuhan Design Industry Promotion Center opened in Zhai Yage, the living room of Wuhan City of Design.The exhibition lasts from April 29 to the end of August, and is mainly conducted through online platforms including the WeChat public account of the Wuhan City of Design and the VR full landscape exhibition.

At the beginning of 2020,faced with the outbreak of Covid-19,Wuhan,City of Design of the UNESCO creative city has been shut down. In the battle against the epidemic,Wuhan received encouragement and help from all over the world and saw numerous moving stories and many engineering miracles of Wuhan design. The theme exhibition of “The Design in epidemic” is to tell these touching stories of “the battle against epidemic” in the visual language that the designer is good at, and to pay the highest tribute to the people who have dedicated themselves in the fight against the epidemic.



© Chao Liu

The theme exhibition “Design in the Epidemic” is sponsored by Wuhan City of Design Promotion Center and Wuhan Design Industry Promotion Center, organized by CITIC Engineering Design & Construction Co., Ltd., Wuhan Design Capital Operation Management Co., Ltd.,  Engineering Art Research Center of Hubei Academy of Fine Arts, Zhai Yage Museum and is strongly supported by Wuhan Urban and Rural Construction Bureau and Wuhan City of Design Engineering Design Industry Alliance.The exhibition consists of two themes,the global battle against Covid-19 poster exhibition and Wuhan design, battle against Covid-19. In the global battle against Covid-19 post exhibition , 63 posters from 17 countries, more than 30 creative cities from UCCN network showing support are on display. To express their gratitude to these countries and cities for their support, the artists in Wuhan have also created posters which conveys their support and blessings in return. The Wuhan design, battle against Covid-19 demonstrates through this art exhibitions the outstanding contributions and profound reflections of Wuhan designers in the epidemic. Meanwhile the exhibition shows the design process of engineering miracles such as “Leishenshan”, “Huoshenshan” hospital and makeshift hospitals, indicating the significance of the design in the critical moment and the meaning of design under the surface.

What is the meaning of design? It is the social justice  safeguarding life. It is love and care for humans.Meanwhile it shows the mysterious and wonderful meaning of art. It is loyal to the country. It clarifies the truth. It also constantly gives new definitions and meanings to design.That’s the meaning of design, and that’s design in the epidemic.



© Chao Liu