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The Kaunas Street Art Map

27 Jun 2018

Wallographer's Notes, Photo: Kaunas IN, 2018

There’s no such word as “wallographer” you say? True, but how else should we call the observer of street art, graffiti, neo-frescoes, site-specific artwork and other traces of art that can be found outside museum or gallery walls? With a new release in the “It’s Kaunastic” series, the city invites you to become the wallographers of Kaunas and to embark on a never-ending tour – by the time you reach the final point of your walk, new detail will have emerged, and you will definitely want to snap a picture. It is also likely that one of the artworks included in the guide will have run its course. That’s why the walls and streets of Kaunas (in addition to drawings, the guide contains a few sculptures and other objects that are integral to the city) are remarkable – they never sleep, they don’t complain, demand or declare. They live. 
Wallographer’s Notes is paired with Modernist’s Guide, a map of the modernist architecture of Kaunas – a dedication to Kaunas UNESCO Creative City of Design.

Further Information

The digital copy is available in English hereWallographers-notes-EN-WEB2.

For any further questions get in contact with ANDRIJANA FILINAITĖ,Kaunas City Municipal Administration, Chief specialist of Cultural Heritage Division, via email