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The Last Master of Joseon

28 Jun - 30 Nov 2018

SEOUL_The Last Master of Joseon exhibit © Seoul Design Foundation

The Last Master of Joseon: Jang Seung Eop Chihwaseon Special Exhibition

This exhibition features over 60 works by Jang Seung Eop, a master artist of the Joseon Dynasty, owned by the Gansong Art Museum. Known for his free-wheeling lifestyle, Jang is renowned as the “last genius painter” of the Joseon Dynasty.

This exhibition aims to explore the origin of contemporary Korean painting. His paintings are the combined result of various factors beyond his artistic genius, that is: his passion for artistic creation even amid the chaotic social environment of the Joseon Dynasty’s final years, the fact that his thoughts and actions did not conform to the established mores of the time, and his love of alcohol (which was so great that Jang often refused to paint while sober). To get a better idea of what Korea was like in Jang’s time, visitors can view scenes from the movie Chihwaseon, a biopic on Jang Seung Eop, which will also help them gain a deeper understanding of and appreciation for Jang’s paintings.

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