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UNESCO Cities of Design Subnetwork Meeting

12 - 14 Oct 2021

Geelong, Australia’s only City of Design, will host the annual UNESCO Cities of Design Subnetwork meeting from 12-14 October 2021.

This compelling 3-day program explores the themes of REIMAGINE, RENEW, REGENERATE and is an opportunity to learn more about design projects across the world, encouraging thought-provoking discussion, exchange of ideas and collaboration.

REIMAGINE explores how cultural, creative and social design principles have been used in reimagining new spaces and processes.

RENEW examines global projects that put sustainability at the forefront of clever design.

REGENERATE looks closely at the role urban design plays in revitalising cities and how people experience the built environment and the spaces between them.

Design experts from Australia, Europe, Asia, United States and the Middle East will share inspiring projects from their cities that explore creative, cultural and social design, circular economy, biophilic principles and urban design.

The event will take the format of public viewing and closed sessions and will be streamed each day from 9pm ADST.

Visit www.geelongcityofdesign.com.au for full program information.