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Wuhan Design Biennale

11 - 24 Nov 2019

Opening Ceremony of the 4th Wuhan Design Biennial, Photo: Wuhan Design Biennial

Note: The last biennial was held on Nov. 11 – 24, 2017; the dates for 2019 are coming soon. 


Focusing on the coalescence of technology and artistry, the Wuhan Design Biennale is a powerful platform for the world’s most prominent designers, as well as a window for showcasing how creative designs breathe new life in the old city of Wuhan.

The past four Wuhan Design Biennales featured complementary exhibitions and forums, interactive workshops, and conferences. Themes such as “A City of Engineering Design”, “Craftsmanship & Beautiful City” and “Great Lore, Great City” emphasized Wuhan’s strength and foundation in the design industry. The fourth biennale , under the theme of “Design Future”, included a collaborative exhibition with Saint-Etienne and an official roundtable meeting with other UNESCO creative cities.

While holding true to its core design philosophy, the coalescence of technology and artistry, the Wuhan Design Biennale will undergo multi-dimensional expansion:

  1. Cooperate on the launch of joint design events with UCCN members;
  2. Enrich the exhibition’s content and format, consolidate the interaction of design with cuisine, music, media art, etc., and further integrate urban public space (for example: set up public art exhibitions at the River Beach Park)
  3. Facilitate citizen participation, increase interaction with designers, organize creative design competitions, etc.
  4. Publicize outstanding designer youths and small design agencies, and encourage youth entrepreneurship in creative design.


The 2nd Wuhan Creative Cities Round-table Conference, Photo: Wuhan Design Biennial

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