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Wuhan Design Day 2020

01 Nov 2020

© Wuhan Design Industry Promotion Centre

The year of 2020 witnesses the heroic spirit carried forward by Wuhan design industry which played a pivotal role in both fighting the Covid-19 and resuming the economy. They rose to the occasion and shouldered the responsibility, providing strong creative support in the battle. They continue to take a leading position to ensure a high-quality development of the city, opening up new opportunities in crises and blaze new roads in changing situation.

This year, Wuhan UNESCO City of Design is pleased to embrace its second edition of Wuhan Design Day on November 1st 2020 at China Architecture Science and Technology Museum. Themed around “ New Ideas ·New Patterns”, multiple activities will be organized to show to the world a fresh new Wuhan during the one-day event including Anti-pandemic Theme Exhibition, Wuhan Creative Design Contest, Wuhan Design Release and Wuhan Innovative Forum. Revolving around the core agenda of the city’s urban development, the objective of this celebration is to further unleash the creativity of the design communities and transform their heroic spirit aroused in battling the pandemic into the impetus of high quality development of the city. It is hoped that creativity and design can be better leveraged to drive innovation in technology and manufacturing, to boost social potentiality and dynamism and to build a City of Design with Wuhan characteristics.

It is our tradition to invite Cities of Design to attend our annual design event. However, due to Covid-19 this year, we are unable to invite the representatives to come physically  and yet we sincerely hope they can be part of our celebration in a new interesting way! Therefore, we invite  cities to record a short video message of congratulations in their local languages that we can show to our audience on the opening ceremony to let people see how vibrant and connected our network is!


© Wuhan Design Industry Promotion Centre


Cindy Lee,

Coordinator, Wuhan Design Industry Promotion Centre

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