Exhibition: Are You Talking to Me?

Posted on: 20. September 2017

For a decade hardly the words “smart objects”, “Internet of things”, “smart things” or “smart cities” invade lexicons techies and collective imaginations. Thus the objects by talking them will accompany closer our choices in life, our needs, our organizations. The wealth of possible contained in the technology they board, is explored by designers and start-ups as many scenarios of the future living environment. But what fascinates, as a user, it is the linking of objects by our own will, their ability to organize themselves autonomously. He foreshadow the complete automation of our living, connected to other objects by a set of digital synapses. In gill and our environment, the Internet of Things becomes our living spaces in a kind of global brain including hybrid intelligent machines, continuous stream media (web), permanent interconnections (wireless) and amidst all this intensity talkative presence human.

Coproduced with the Centre des Arts of Enghien-les-Bains, the exhibition Are you talking to me? is the result of the call launched by Cité du design Saint-Etienne to the UNESCO creative cities of Design on the topic of connected objects.

As a symbol of the digital era entering our daily life, connected objects are reaching a growing commercial and industrial success. From pet robot to physiotherapy, connected objects are at our service. They promise a sea change in our lifestyles, supporting our habits but also confusing our true needs.

First set-up for the XIth Annual Meeting of UCC in Enghien-les Bains in July 2017, the exhibition shows the objetcts of 11 UNESCO Cities of Design. Its objective is promoting the activities of the networks towards the population and visitors and reflecting the creativity of cities of Design. Designers from Nagoya and Montreal will meet Saint-Etienne companies from 3-5th October for a conference during one business week programme.

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