Joint exhibition “Stories of Design Innovation: from Kortrijk to Kaunas”

Posted on: 31. July 2023

In the UNESCO City of Design in Kaunas (Lithuania), a joint open-air exhibition of architecture and design was opened: here passers-by can see the exhibition “Stories of Design Innovation: from Kortrijk to Kaunas” initiated by Kaunas and Kortrijk (Belgium) and the traditional exhibition of Lithuanian architects organized for the 30th time “Architecture: Kaunas 2023”.



Architecture: Kaunas” is an annual exhibition competition of regional architects, where architectural realizations, projects, and ideas are presented, and the commission selects the best in 10 categories: the best residential house, public-commercial building, conversion, public space, architectural concept, residential building concept, emerging architect, education, and dissemination of architecture. The goal of the exhibition is to bring together the community of architects and the city and create a platform for discussions about architecture. The exhibition initiated by the Kaunas branch of the Architects’ Association of Lithuania [LAS Kaunas Branch] was organized for the first time in 1993.



Among the products created by Lithuanian companies in collaboration with Lithuanian and Belgium designers and presented at the exposition are a collection of outdoor furniture “Leaf” by “IDDO slow living“ | designers Bart Van Houcke [studio achoo] x Rūta Lendraitytė Utalla; a tool-simulator for food exports development by LITAO | designer Jonas Liugaila and team; a unique design of digital in-glass printing “Glassttoo” by “Gravera” | designer Sandra Kasperavičienė; a new sustainable fashion brand “Nareco” | designer Vida Strasevičiūtė and a new souvenir series “The Woolf” designed by Peter Van de Sijpe and Stijn D’Hondt from Heren Loebas.

The joint exhibition will open in the public space in the old town of Kaunas in July-August.




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