The 3rd Human City Design Award Ceremony

Posted on: 7. March 2022



  • Human City Design Award is an international design award presenting prizes to the individuals or groups of individuals who achieved harmonious relations among people or between people and the environment for the sustainable city.After the expert screening, the foundation selected ten winners from 9 country for Honorable Mention Prize. Each project showed the fact that design can play key role to change the circumstance people live regardless of where they are, who they are, and what they do. Human City Design Award is the platform encouraging those passions.


  • The award ceremony for the Human Design City Award will be held online at 18:00(KST) on 21st March, the anniversary of DDP At the award ceremony. The winners of the Grand Prize, Citizens’Prize, and Safety & Security Award will be announced and presented. The award ceremony will be live-streamed via YouTube. It is open to all.

 The ten projects selected for Honorable Mention Prizes are as follows:

  • Accessible Beaches that designed a solution enabling people with disabilities who use wheelchairs and the elderly to enjoy beach more easily (by No Barrier in Muğla, Turkey)
  • Cine Passeio that revitalized an old street by repurposing a military building based on the inspiration from an old theater (by IPPUC Institute for Research and Urban Planning of Curitiba in Curitiba, Brazil
  • Den-paku Hotel that connects traditional cultural experience of a village with a stay in historic houses (by Shima Hito Takara General Incorporated Association in Amami, Japan)
  • Gardens in the Air – Neighbourhood lights that restored urban ecosystem using water generated from air conditioning outdoor units (by Nomad Garden S.L. in Sevilla, Spain)
  • House of Dreams that was designed for community center with residents by using an abandoned cave area and wastes in the area (by Insitu Project (Kuo Jze Yi, Peter Hasdell), Zhoushan Community Group (Liang Jun) and Ku Hok Bun in Dengfeng(Zhoushan), China)
  • La Mexicana Park that transformed a quarry in the urban area to the most safety park in the city (by Mario Schjetnan in Mexico City, Mexico)
  • OOZOORO1216 that was created as a participatory space for the “Tween” generation aged between 12 and 16 who want to explore the world (by EUS+ Architects in Jeonju, Korea)
  • Place des Possibles that is a participatory construction project gradually transforming a old factory in the area with members of the local community  (by Collectif Etc in Saint Laurent en Royans, France)
  • Trash Busters that presents a resource circulating solution replacing disposable products with multi-use products (by Trash Busters in Seoul Korea)
  • Yujidao Park which designed a large-scale and ecosystem-based park harmonizing city with nature(by BLVD International in Nanchong, China)

If you wish to attend through YouTube:

please visit Human City Design Award website.



JEON Hwi Mok,

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