Design Stories from Helsinki

Posted on: 30. September 2015

How can design be utilized to develop public services? What new and good can design produce in a city? tells ten stories about Design Driven City and cities in transition. It discusses Helsinki’s activities as part of the UNESCO City of Design network.

“Design thinking has become a permanent part of the development of cities over the past ten years. These stories illustrate the use of design in the development of a wide variety of matters, ranging from library services to construction sites, from youth homelessness to public transport,” says Laura Aalto, Design Driven City Director of Communications.

The publication explains how city operations and services have become more user-oriented with the help of design thinking, and it presents inspiring examples. It offers many straightforward observations and advice based on projects and places in which Design Driven City has produced true innovations – and has done so well. is produced by International Design Foundation’s Design Driven City project and the City of Helsinki Economic Development division and published in Finnish and English.

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