CAMPAIGN LAUNCH: Celebrating Architects and Designers Behind Exceptional Projects

Posted on: 23. October 2023

Place des Fleurs-de-Macadam by Catherine Blain of NIPPAYSAGE; Sébastien Pinard of EXP and Stéphanie Leduc of EN TEMPS ET LIEU


“Who is the architect – the designer”, the campaign that seeks to emphasize the creative work of dedicated professionals and increase public awareness regarding the recognition of architects and designers, is returning this autumn. Organized by Kollectif, a digital architecture and design platform based in Québec, this third edition will spotlight exceptional projects crafted by talented architects and designers from UNESCO Cities of Design, Montréal (Canada) and Dundee (United Kingdom). This joint initiative between the two cities has emerged from a desire to highlight the importance of acknowledging architects and designers when presenting their projects in the media, and a commitment to collaborate and share best practices aimed at supporting the design culture in our cities. With this international photo campaign, the featured cities wish to convey a clear message: behind each photographed project, regardless of its scale, stands a committed team of city representatives, engineers, contractors, and sub trades led by many talented designers and architects. All photographs will be revealed through the official social media profiles of the City of Montréal’s Bureau du design, Design Dundee and Kollectif, with individual portraits, brief overview of the concept and key contributors being reposted every week. Furthermore, we extend an invitation to designers, architects, and the public to actively participate in this campaign. They can do so by mentioning the architect or designer in their social media posts and by taking the initiative to emphasize any posts or articles that overlook mentioning their contributions by using the hashtags #Whoisthearchitect #Whoisthedesigner in the comments section. Because behind every exceptional project, there is a team of skilled people who earn recognition.


Esplanade Tranquille by Marc-Antoine Fredette of Les Architectes FABG and Marc Fauteux of Fauteux et associés architectes paysagistes.


“Montréal is proud to take part in this campaign alongside the City of Dundee, in the United Kingdom, to showcase the talent of local designers and architects worldwide. As a UNESCO City of Design, we recognize the importance of these creators for our territory, namely with regard to urban design and landscaping. They are the ambassadors for the future of our city.”

– Luc Rabouin, Executive committee member responsible for commercial and economic
development, knowledge, innovation and design, City of Montréal

“I’m delighted with this Montréal edition of the ‘Who is the architect – the designer’ campaign. It’s a promising initiative that is directly in line with the City’s commitment to developing and supporting creativity and design culture in Montréal. The design and architecture industry contributes directly to building our metropolis’s uniqueness, and therefore its attractiveness and competitiveness, while also contributing to individual and collective well-being.”

– Éric Labelle, Director of the Economic Development Service, City of Montréal

“The enthusiasm generated by this campaign underlies a real challenge in recognizing the essential contribution of designers and architects in materializing various projects intended for all citizens. If artists and photographers, for example, are systematically credited for their work, we believe at Kollectif that it should be the same for our colleagues in the various design fields to raise awareness towards design culture here and abroad.”

– Martin Houle, Architect MRAIC, Director and Founder of Kollectif

“We are delighted that Dundee is partnering with the City of Montréal on this important initiative. The City of Dundee is incredibly proud of the architectural and urban design projects which surround us in our everyday lives. I am very supportive of this initiative to raise awareness of the people and teams behind these outstanding projects and committed to crediting the architects, designers, engineers and contractors who bring ideas to life.”

– Councillor Lynne Short, Dundee City Council Spokesperson for Culture, History and Sport

“Collaborating and learning from fellow UNESCO Cities of Design around the world is what makes being a part of this network really special. Montréal’s project ‘Who is the architect – the designer’ caught my attention and I was pleased that Dundee has the opportunity to participate in the 2023 campaign. Through a series of stunning photos, this initiative introduces us to some of the designers who are helping to make Dundee a city of design.”

– Annie Marrs, Lead Officer, UNESCO City of Design Dundee


Discovery Dome Gallery by Ged Young of AIM Design


Tentsmuir National Nature Reserve Education Pavilion by Kirsty Maguire of Kirsty Maguire Architects


MTL street furniture by Eugénie Manseau and Philippe Carreau of Dikini

About the Cities of Design of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network

Along with 43 other cities worldwide, Montréal and Dundee were awarded the title of UNESCO Cities of Design which is part of the larger UNESCO Creative Cities Network created in 2004. In granting these titles, UNESCO is acknowledging both Montréal and Dundee’s creative potential in the design disciplines, based on the strong concentration of talent as well as the commitment and determination of both cities and their respective other levels of government and civil society to build on those strengths for the purpose of enhancing their citizens’ quality of life. The UNESCO designation is neither a label nor a form of recognition. It is an invitation to develop around the selected cities’ creative forces in design. The UNESCO City of Design designation is thus a collective project that, to become a reality over time, demands that all stakeholders—elected officials, citizens, experts, entrepreneurs and designers—buy into it and make it their own.

More information can be found at:

About the City of Montréal’s Bureau du design

The Bureau du design is part of Montréal’s Service du développement économique. Its mission is to improve city planning together with designers and architects; to provide support and guidance to municipal departments and the boroughs in experimenting with processes that favour quality and promote the emerging generation of design and architecture practitioners (competitions, workshops, panels); and to develop the market for Montréal-based designers and architects (incentives, projects) while promoting their talent locally and internationally. It is responsible for Montréal’s designation as a UNESCO City of Design in 2006, for the report that led to its extension in 2016, and for the review filed for the purpose of its renewal in 2021.

More information can be found at:

About Design Dundee

Dundee is the United Kingdom’s first and only UNESCO City of Design. The global designation as a Creative City acknowledges Dundee’s rich design heritage, its thriving contemporary design sector and a city committed to using design to solve the problems its citizens face. The programs run by the UNESCO City of Design Dundee team are unpinned by a belief in the power of design and the essential role of designers in the life of a city. The activities celebrate and demonstrate the impact of design, embrace co-design, promote talent, engage designers in decision-making and collaborate with other UNESCO Cities of Design.

More information can be found at:

About Kollectif

Founded in 2006, Kollectif’s mission is to inform, promote and support Québec’s architectural quality as well as its community of professionals by means of a news website, production of original video series, a presence on social networks, the organization of architectural campaigns and active participation in certain events. In 2023, Kollectif was awarded the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada Advocate for Architecture Award, which celebrates an individual, or collective of individuals, who has acted as a public champion for the advancement of Canadian architecture through their advocacy, patronage, and/or other forms of support.

More information can be found at: (in French only)





Patrick Marmen
Chief of Staff and Design Commissioner
Bureau du design, City of Montréal


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