Creativity and Exchange Hub: Design and Creative Center Kobe (KIITO)

Posted on: 3. October 2022

©Kobe2_KIITO4_Shunsuke Ito

The Design and Creative Center Kobe opened in August 2012, following the renovation of the former Kobe Raw Silk Testing Center, as a focal point for creativity and exchange projects of the City of Design Kobe.

Its nickname, KIITO, comes from the building’s history as a former quality inspection center for raw silk exports. (kiito means “raw silk” in Japanese.)

The building retains its historical appearance, and at the Raw Silk Testing Center Gallery people can learn about the building’s history. KIITO also houses a café, large event and meeting rooms that can be rented for events, and Creative Labs – rental office spaces for professionals in creative fields. Various design- and art-related lectures, exhibitions, and other events are held on its premises. In 2020, the opening of an information desk, a souvenir shop, the Creative Lounge (suitable for reading and remote work), and KIITO:300 – a new space that serves as a platform for children’s creative learning and activities that contribute to society – have further expanded the range of activities.

KIITO has become a promotional hub for the city’s creative efforts toward building a new version of Kobe, helping drive exchange not only amongst artists and designers but amongst people of all types and generations, and helping solve social issues through the ideas created as a result of this exchange.


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