Kiubo – Europe’s first mobile apartment.

Posted on: 21. June 2023

Kiubo is a platform for boundless ideas. The hybrid system is distinctive, moveable, and flexible. It stands for comprehensive sustainable housing of the future, for more quality and efficiency via serial construction, and for affordability according to the needs of the residents.

Kiubo develops homes that grow with life. They adapt to the modern needs and lifestyles of the residents. Larger, smaller or somewhere else – Kiubo is unique and flexible. And all this is in harmony with the requirements of urban planning.

The Kiubo system is extremely simple. High-quality residential units made of wood (modules) are prefabricated in industrial plants. The modules slot into frame-like structures (terminals) and can be configured in numerous ways. This highly flexible slot-in system allows the modules to be inserted, swapped, connected, extended, removed, and reinserted elsewhere.



The Starhemberggasse pilot project was developed and built in Graz, Austria, as the first multi-storey residential building constructed with Kiubo’s market-ready system. Architecturally, the building fits in along a building line and defines the public space. The design approach evolved from an urban design through the basic static system of the terminal to the flexible design of the modules depending on the needs of the residents. The result is a five-storey building with a basement for services and generous open spaces throughout the building complex, including a greened flat roof. The 33 prefabricated modules are arranged in 19 units. From the first to fourth floor are the apartments, which were developed in size and combination together with the residents. Starting from a basic module of 25m², this increases to 75m² by combining three designed modules. In addition a common room fronted with a green outdoor sitting area is placed on the first floor. On the other floors, too, generous and greened open spaces are provided for the community. Each residential unit has a private, south-facing outdoor area. In addition, there is a generous ground-level and landscaped area in the courtyard for all residents. The project is exemplary in terms of design approach, as it blends into the surroundings.



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