The Made-in-Shanghai Products Bring New Vitality to Manufacturing

Posted on: 31. October 2022

As to boost the creative industry and stimulate economic recovery, the Made-in-Shanghai design products were displayed in a pop-up market on July 15th, 2022.

From food, clothing, to furniture, home textiles, Made-in-Shanghai design products connected “eating”, “wearing”, “living” and “travelling”, exhibited a gathering of fashion consumption goods designed or newly made in Shanghai, in a way that combined with digital technology and reinvention of fashion brands, leading an ideal and beautiful life.                      

On the outdoor view, more than 20 classic, cutting-edge brands focusing on fashion consuming area, were selected to exhibit. Combining exquisite products with design-filled installations, it shows the thriving consumption scene in Shanghai.

As a new manifestation of the digital economy, D universe, the design week of Metaverse was firstly released during the opening ceremony, creating a digital brand experience platform through AIinteractive technology.

For the linkage between online and offline, reputed ecommerce platforms as Alibaba, Tiktok launched sales promotion of exclusive design products online and live broadcast activities, which brings a high exposures of design products of Made-in-Shanghai.


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