Three Recently-published Works Spotlight Seoul’s Design Activities

Posted on: 18. March 2024


Seoul Design Foundation has published new books on Seoul’s Design Activities from rediscovering cultural assets to promoting design solutions. Here are three recently-publishes works that showcase what is going on in the city of Seoul.


Seoul Design Assets. By Seoul Design Foundation. 2023. 304 pages.

This is a project to take a deeper look into the authentic beauty of Seoul and has rediscovered the 600years of design history in Seoul presenting the vision of Seoul. This publication showcases thebeautiful cultural assets from the past and present, to the future.

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Seoul Design White Paper. By Seoul Design Foundation. 2024.

Seoul Design Foundation seeks innovative design solutions that allow us to live well together andcontinue to grow step into a place of communication that shares public values. This book spotlights thechallenges that Seoul Metropolitan Government and Seoul Design Foundation have faced along theway. It also contains the design initiatives and problem-solving projects in the city.

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Seoul Design Award 2023. By Seoul Design Foundation. 2024. 202 pages

2023 was a year of many challenges, but also many innovative projects that will save our future. Thispublication reflects the commitment to our mission to achieve sustainable future through promotingthe values of problem-solving. To make this world more sustainable and more livable, Seoul DesignAward will continue to promote mutual growth of all cities working together through design.

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Inhye Bae