Posted on: 7. July 2021

The TAHN project – which involves the City Council, Polytechnic University of Torino, National Automobile Museum, Torino Tourism Bureau (Turismo Torino e provincia) and ISMEL (the institute for memory and culture of work, business and social rights) – intends to promote the tangible and intangible historical heritage of the automotive sector in Torino, now and in the future, with a view to developing and integrating knowledge, dissemination of information and organisation available to all citizens and cultural tourists.

The project aims to recognise the Piedmontese capital as a primary tourist destination for its long history in the automotive industry, through a detailed account and promotion of the places where the sector has developed since the late nineteenth century. Torino has also become a hub that attracts investments and innovative companies in the sector (digital transformation and ICT, car and service design, sustainable mobility and additive manufacturing) as well as young people who want to specialise in the related fields. TAHN also identifies Torino as a physical and digital collection site for the historical and technical archives of the vintage vehicle collector sector, serving the purposes of the two points mentioned above.

The Agreement Act, signed last April and valid for five years, sets the terms and conditions for the interested institutions to support the project as part of the action plan of Torino UNESCO Creative City of Design.

A Directive Committee, coordinated by the City Council and made up of representatives of the signatory institutions, will be responsible for defining guidelines, evaluating the entry of new subjects and raising financial resources; it will count on the help of experts, including external ones, with the possibility of extending participation to other stakeholders.

The Scientific Committee, on the other hand, will represent the Polytechnic of Torino (which will coordinate its activities) and the ISMEL institute; the committee will be in charge of identifying, developing and validating the scientific data resulting from the project, in connection with local and national scientific networks.

The National Automobile Museum will coordinate the planning, converting the strategic guidelines into operational actions, while Turismo Torino e provincia will provide the operational tools and the actions necessary to turn the project into an opportunity for citizens and tourists to deepen their knowledge, from a perspective of sustainable and integrated tourism.


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