Asia’s second Design Miami/Podium x Shanghai concluded successfully

Posted on: 28. March 2023

©Design Miami/ Podium x Shanghai

After nearly two years, Design Miami/ Podium x Shanghai made its return. The Made in House Production was open from March 8-12, with its exclusive real estate partner Zhang Yuan. The fair brought together international galleries, designers, and artists to the landmark Shikumen architectural space, encouraging visitors to explore the history and architectural beauty of Shanghai through design.

Design Miami/ Podium x Shanghai brought together renowned galleries and studio designers from China and abroad to showcase nearly 200 pieces of collectible design from 24 exhibitors.The presentation marked a genuine tribute to craftsmanship, exploring the unique materials, narratives, and history of each artisanal piece. An array of local artists were showcased at the fair, each one taking a different approach to design – from interpreting traditional culture through a contemporary lens to exploring design through new technologies. Jill Gu, co-founder & CEO of Made in House, said, “This year, we wanted to showcase local design, and we also hope to find a balance between business and academia.”

Design Talks was comprised of eight design talks, inviting dozens of prominent industry leaders to engage in an inspiring conversation and inspiring visitors to explore the spiritual meaning of design beyond appearances. The program focused on the value, phenomenon, and future of collectible design, with topics as  “East-West: Blending Traditional Culture and Contemporary Aesthetics”, “Their Spiritual Mansions”, “Becoming a Designer”, and “The Future of Design” etc.

Porsche brought its global art and design series “The Art of Dreams” to this year’s fair, marking its debut in China. The project presented Scottish artist Chris Labrooy’s immersive installation titled “Dream Big”; paying tribute to childhood dreams, encouraging visitors to challenge their thoughts and push their creative boundaries.

Design Miami/ Podium x Shanghai serve as a global platform for creative and cultural exchange, creating a space for collectors, curators, and design enthusiasts from around the world to connect and be inspired.


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