Posted on: 7. May 2020

© Bandido Studio

from THE Stylemate

Interactive ambient lighting
The BO Table Lamp is the result of a design collaboration between the Mexican design studio Bandido Studio and designer C. Núñez. Together they created a table lamp that interacts with its user through a tactile sensor. Their inspiration is based on iterative nature observations – how light reflects and gets absorbed through different elements, how nature transforms it through radiation or fracturing.


” We consider nature and culture as our main input when designing. We are inspired ny our cultural heritage and compromised with the development of mexican craftsmanship.”

Bandido Studio 


The BO Lamp consists of a metal body with a matte finish and transformed by simple processes. It carries a tactile sensor which allows the LED light to illuminate in 3 different intensities. Through observation and experimenting with different materials the BO Lamp generates a warm and soft light which reflects on the V shaped metal sheet. Creating a comfortable ambient through the light.