Design Month Graz

Posted on: 23. April 2021

Design Month Graz provides an insight into various creative disciplines and links distinct design creators together. Events such as exhibitions, workshops or lectures invite you to network in the
UNESCO City of Design Graz.

Design Month Graz bundles and condenses the energy of the local creative industries within one month. It allows visibility to the outside world creating a central contribution which therefore enlightens the creative aspects within people’s consciousness. It provides a space for innovative projects – whether experimental or commercial – henceforth heightening the perception and the meaning of design. This does not purely include decorative behaviors such as design as styling, but it also considers the economic relevance, meaning design as development and value added process, which further enhances the transformational power of design in economy and society.

Numerous local as well as international partners partake in Design Month Graz. The term “design month” acts as an umbrella brand and assembles the individual activities under one uniform appearance, without jeopardizing their independence. The Creative Industries Styria coordinates and organises the Design Month Graz spanning a substantive and programmatic range from a variety within individual initiatives from designers to large local design training institutions, thereby enabling synergies and cooperation between the creative industries and “classic” companies.


– Better Future-

The question everything revolves around: What‘s next? There is no way around rethinking and redesigning the future. In light of the current situation, this is not just an empty phrase, but a mission of utmost urgency.

One thing is certain: design will contribute massively to this endeavor. The Design Month Graz 2021, which is under the program focus “Better Future”, shows us exactly what can be done.


May 7, 2021 18:00 CST, online

Different from before. Innovative as always. Exciting as never before. It is happening.

There will of course be no opening event. In-person events will be few and far between. Nevertheless, there is an immensity to experience virtually and online in the UNESCO City of Design Graz that is now celebrating its 10th anniversary.

Opened by:

Barbara Eibinger-Miedl, Minister of Economy, Tourism, Regions, Science & Research

Siegfried Nagl, Mayor of the City of Graz

Eberhard Schrempf, Managing Director Creative Industries Styria

Link to the live stream:


Exhibitions in the Design Month Graz



Old resources for new products. The exhibition raises awareness for the value of plastic as a raw material and shows a wide range of products made from recycled plastics, incorporated into a sustainable product life cycle. The exhibition can be seen at Herrengasse 26.


The exhibition offers insights into the design process of the newly built Merkur Campus. Both the concept by the SelfSightSeeing Company and the implementation of the design were guided by sustainability. The exhibition can be seen at designforum Steiermark.


The poster exhibition takes a critical look at the ecological, social and cultural challenges facing the world.
It was originally conceptualized in the wake of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. The exhibition can be seen at the underground parking garage at Andreas-Hofer-Platz.


The Graz Museum shows “The City As A Data Field. How we want to live in the future” and the exhibition “Material Loops. The Circular Economy” is on the program in the House of Architecture.
The exhibition “taste the ortwein” with final projects of students from the Ortweinschule Graz will take place from June 5 in the designforum Steiermark.


Other highlights



30 design-savvy shops provide a platform for designers to present their unique products. Discover the diversity of design in the city on special tours with the GrazGuides.


The public urban space will be expanded by four parklets in May to increase quality of life. These prototypes the size of a car parking lot are intended to provide an impetus for people to linger in the city. The project is a cooperation with the Holzcluster, the City of Graz and the Hechenblaickner Holzhandelsges.m.b.H.


International design and ecology experts reflect on the possibilities and measures for designing a better future – not merely in response to the pandemic, but rather as a complete redesign of a future that we have to rethink from now on beyond the current situation.

The symposium will take place on May 10 and 11 in cooperation of
FH JOANNEUM, Creative Industries Styria and the Green Tech Cluster.

Program and link to the live stream:


Based on 30 selected program items addressing a “Better Future”, 30 analogue and digital micro-tours with projects, exhibition contributions, discussions and meetings with designers attempt to provide answers and solutions for a better future.



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