OmaStadi supports local well-being

Posted on: 1. July 2020

© Minna Alanko

The winning projects of the voting in the first round of OmaStadi are advancing despite the exceptional circumstances. Especially the development projects related to sports and outdoor recreation have progressed well.

At the Aurinkolahti beach, underwater rocks are removed from a stretch of at least 200 metres and to a depth of 1.5 metres. Removing the rocks increases the safety and well-being at one of the most popular beaches in Helsinki. At the same time, more sand will be added to the beach.
“We will start removing the rocks at the end of May, when the circumstances allow for it. It’s great to be able to make the Mediterranean-style beach in Aurinkolahti into an even better place for people who enjoy swimming and other aquatic sports”, says Project Manager Jussi Mäkinenat the Urban Environment Division.

According to the wishes of the schoolchildren, more sports equipment will be acquired to the playgrounds in East Helsinki. The list includes, among other things, trampolines, hobby horse obstacles, skipping ropes, hula hoops, balls and rackets and sticks. In twelve playgrounds, the school afternoon club children came up with ideas and voted on what kind of equipment is needed in the playgrounds. The completed equipment lists were given to the managing playground instructor Jyri Rönkkö at the Education Division.
“We are acquiring playground equipment according to the schoolchildren’s shopping list. However, we might not be able to celebrate this due to the coronavirus outbreak, as was the original plan. Perhaps we will do it later in the autumn. Other than that, it is great that we received an incredible boost like this especially in East Helsinki”, says Rönkkö.

Save Savela – Development of the Pihlajamäki youth park. The Pihlajamäki youth park and its surroundings are being refurbished and improved. This includes the construction of a pump track, new outdoor sports equipment and improvements to the garden. In this way, the youth hobby opportunities are improved and the popular area is made available for a more diverse range of activities.
“The plans have been sent to the developer and to the contract cost calculation. When the costs are established, we will have a better comprehension of how extensive the pump track can be and which other measures can be completed within the budget that has been reserved for the project”, says Project Manager Camilla Lindroth-Vanhala at the Urban Environment Division.

The Valpurinpuisto Park is an active and community-centric oasis in Meilahti. The renovation and diversification of the functionalities in the park with consideration to different target groups has also progressed well.
“We have advanced the original ideas. In late May, the pupils of the nearby schools participated in the voting on the elements of the climbing frames from a wide range of alternatives. The construction works will probably start in late autumn. The whole thing will be completed during next year”, says Project Manager Jere Saarikko at the Urban Environment Division.

In West Helsinki, 2–3 urban campfire sites for city residents will be established as camping destinations and for breathers.
“Day trips and outdoor recreation are increasingly popular ways to spend leisure time. We are currently mulling over the furnishings at these urban campfire sites. The furnishings will be placed in a circle around the campfire. The campers will then bring along utensils, such as firewood or charcoal and food”, says Project Manager Nina Mouhu at the Urban Environment Division.

Proposal to plant trees in the entire city

More trees to Helsinki is a project aimed at increasing the diversity of the urban nature, decreasing dust and winds, growing the carbon sink and engaging the city residents in their local environment. The joint tree-planting event will be cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak.
“The tree-planting will be made as an experiment in North-East Helsinki. Later, if the budget allows for it, the idea can be copied to other neighbourhoods. Suitable planting spots have been found along Tapaninkyläntie, where we will plant small birch saplings next spring”, tells Mouhu.

“All in all, OmaStadi has increased the community spirit and well-being in the neighbourhoods. It is now a current thing, when people have realised the value of the local nature and sports premises”, says Local Participation Team Manager Titta Reunanen.

The projects, which have been developed by means of participatory budgeting in collaboration with the city residents, are the winners of last year’s OmaStadi voting.


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