Publication: Design takes up residence

Posted on: 20. February 2018

Quand le design… entre en résidence

In 2014 the French Ministry of Industry launched an ambitious programme for businesses the Designers in residence scheme. This programme raises awareness amongst industrial clusters and competitiveness centers on how design creates value. 13 clusters over the country responded to this call and as many projects were launched, covering all sectors of the economy, it demonstrated, once again, the cross-disciplinary nature of design.

More than 1000 companies discovered design and 106 received support for their innovative projects. 26 designers in “residence” spread out over the country’s territory. This success has led to continue this programme when the Ministry’s financial support in 2016 and 2017 came to an end.

Similar initiatives have been launched by the Saint-Etienne Cité du design, Lille-design and the Nouvelle Aquitaine development funds. So this programme, initiated by the State, has found an echo in the regions and a natural extension to the local activities of leaders of innovation ecosystems.

To further disseminate the benefits of this programme, it is now important to remember the methodologies developed: this is the purpose of this compendium, which, through numerous individual accounts, provides an inventory of best practices and the most outstanding successes.

Further Information

Produced by the Cité du design and Lille-design with the contribution of the Ministry of Industry.

Cité du design, 2017 – French and English – 206 p.

Cité du design (in French)