Review // Subnetwork Meeting KAUNAS 2022

Posted on: 17. October 2022

Subnetwork Meeting in  K A U N A S  2022:

The programme of this subnetwork meeting explore the themes of DESIGNING HAPPY CITY and our opportunity to strengthen the role of design in transforming cities, spaces and identities that are lost after war, climate disasters, global catastrophes or epidemics.
The annual meeting of UNESCO City of Design subnetwork will be part of the Forum of International Design Networks. This unique forum will be attended by such global design networks as ico-D (International Council of Design), BEDA (Bureau of European Design Associations) and EIDD (Design for All Europe). The forum programme has featured various meetings, seminars and conferences, engaging design policymakers, practitioners from various design fields and design educators from all around the world. The forum of International Design Networks is a part of Kaunas Autumn Design Events organized by Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022.

Many thanks to Kaunas for having us…