Study: How design transforms cities and its people

Posted on: 3. September 2018

Photo: Joshua Fuller

In collaboration with Dundee UNESCO City of Design Sorina Oprea is undertaking a qualitative research as part of her final studies at Service Design Academy Dundee. At first Sorina is investigating the impact that being an UNESCO City of Design has on Dundee and on the local community. Then, she is looking to find out what happened in others cities such as Graz, which are part of the UNESCO City of Design Network after their nominations and what approach(es) they have used. For this a short online survey is set up which includes nine open questions.

Survey: Click HERE!

Research entitled: Understanding the design community transformation, challenges and opportunities following the nomination of Graz as an UNESCO City of Design


The nomination of a city as an UNESCO City of Design is a milestone which validates a community of best practices and a model to be admired and immitated, with an expectation for the design to become sustainable and pervasive throughout the city. Understanding the subsequent process and its impact on the community and on the larger city are a worthy exploration, as it may offer a way of making this a repeatable success story in other geographies and also an opportunity for capitalising on this momentum in order to improve the life in the city. People from Graz – YOU – are welcomed to share your experiences by completing the survey below, which is addressed to a variety of actors such as emerging designers, established designers, partners, community organisations, local businesses, city officials and local residents.


Ideally, the survey here should be completed by Sep 15, 2018.

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