Torino City Love

Posted on: 27. April 2020

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Torino City Love is an initiative of solidarity and open innovation aimed at mobilizing “Torino City Lab” partners and other businesses from Italy and beyond to offer free resources, actions and skills to support citizens and businesses based in Turin-Piedmont during the COVID-19 emergency.


Areas of interest:

Work/school: collaboration solutions, connectivity, tools and devices to allow remote work and study

Health: solutions for remote monitoring and communication

Information/digital services: solutions for facilitating access to goods and services on a local scale

Training: resources for training orino Skills City initiative

Other: additional solutions/services in different areas but with the common goal of providing services/utilities for better liveability (e.g. leasure, culture, mobility)


Businesses and/or other organizations (public or private) interested in providing innovative solutions to local city users in the aforementioned areas are invited to send their proposals as follows: 

Torino City Lab Team will assess the proposals and will decide autonomously the ones which can be easily offered and publicized on the section website dedicated to citizens:

Further Information:

Contact Details: