3D Printed Series

Posted on: 25. April 2018

a series of unique rings

Photo: Jaime Navarro

The collaboration with jewelry designer Iker Ortiz resulted in a jewelry series based on the base of a rectangular prism, which represents the basis for all the different varieties and provides transparency. In all cases it does cross from top to bottom of the geometry and causes the inner cavities to intersect and prolong, in order to create effects of depth contrast between light and shade. In this unprecedented edition, this contrast and performance of light is emphasized by introducing metal into the cavities of the rings, which – in terms of jewelry – also makes each piece more valuable.


Year: 2016
Material: Resin, stainless steel
Measurements: 2 x 2 x 2 cm
_resin: 4 g
_resin and stainless steel: 15 g
Category: Accessoires and Fashion
Designer: Ricardo Casas and Iker Ortiz – contact per email
Producer: RCDESIGN – contact per email
Joined WWTC: 2018


Buy online at shelf.mx here
Price for resin ring in € (incl. Tax): 45,- (Status Spring 2018)
Price for resin and stainless steel ring in € (incl. Tax): 145,- (Status Spring 2018)

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