Balance Light

Posted on: 27. April 2019

reduction to the minimum

Photo: Thomas Feichtner Studio

Balance Light by designer Thomas Feichtner is a minimalistic table lamp that is reduced to cable and illuminant. The LED luminaire can light the whole desk surface, or just highlight a particular spot. The light is not directed via a complex mechanical system or by adjusting a reflector but simply by putting the whole lamp into a horizontal position. Its construction allows placing it on the desk at two different angular positions, in a horizontal position with the illuminant slightly above the desk surface or in a vertical position with a maximum distance between illuminant and desk. The lamp always keeps its balance and is reminiscent of a piece of art rather than an object of utility.


Year: 2009 | 2017
Material: Steel tube, LED
Measurements: 53 x 30 x 16 cm
Category: Lighting
Designer: Thomas Feichtner – contact per email or phone +43 1 944 96 62
Producer: Karboxx – contact per email or phone +39 04 22 75 60 52
Joined WWTC: 2019


Buy online at here
Price in € (incl. Tax): 220,- (Status Spring 2019)

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