Milking Stool

Posted on: 25. April 2018

a paper stool too beautiful to be stored in the barn

Photo: Dear Human

This three-legged stool was inspired by the simple and often crude handmade traditional furniture that the designers came across on their travels – particularly stools from the Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade. The Milking Stool is a functional piece of design and also a beautiful reminder of the past. The seat is made of 100% sculpted cardboard and paper waste and is sealed for protection.


Year: 2018
Material: Recyceld paper, cardboard, wood
Measurements: 30.5 x 40.6 x 28 cm | 12” Tall x 16” x 11”
Weight: 9 kg | 20 lb
Category: Interior & Furniture Design
Designer: Dear Human, Jasna Sokolovic & Noel O’Connell – contact per email
Producer: Dear Human
Joined WWTC: 2018


Buy online at dearhuman here
Price in CAD (incl. Tax): 685 (Status May 2018)
Price in € (incl. Tax): 440 (Status May 2018)

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