Posted on: 4. December 2023

Tableware made of natural stone.

© Lilly Mörz

Stonemade is tableware, but one in which, for once, man does not dictate the rules. Nature has left its mark on each of our plates and bowls, making them unique. It is the fingerprints and smile lines of life that are visible in these fine pieces of marble or limestone. They emphasize the uniqueness of your dishes and provide a stage for your creations.


Year: 2018
Material: 100 % natural stone (marble or limestone)
Measurements: Plates and bowls from 10 to 30 cm diameter
Category: Product Design
Designer: Katharina Mörz-Heissenberger – contact per e-mail
Producer: Katharina Mörz-Heissenberger
Joined WWTC: 2023


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Price in € (incl. Tax): from EUR 24.- to EUR 180.- (Status 2023)

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