Tortillero Gordita

Posted on: 24. March 2019

a warm shell for your tortillas

Photo: Cristina Orozco Cuevas

Gordita is inspired by the classical and popular Mexican street dish ‘Tortillas’, made of corn and filled with pork. From the dish it takes its name and also the shape, and it keeps tortillas warm and fresh. Gordita can even be used in the microwave. The product is based on the idea of sustainability and is thus made of recycled fibres: on the outside it consists of a fabric mix obtained from washed and recovered clothes (acrylic, polyester and cotton) and on the inside of recycled yarn.


Year: 2015
Material: Recycled fabric
Measurements: d 23 cm
Weight: 120 g
Category: Product Design
Designer: Cristina Orozco Cuevas – contact per email
Producer: Cristina Orozco Cuevas – contact per email
Joined WWTC: 2019


Buy online at kichink here
Price in € (incl. Tax): 25,- (Status Spring 2019)

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