Tuli GS

Posted on: 1. April 2019

a black lighting source of ancient art

Photo: Ocre Lighting

The design of Tuli GS is based on two ancient work techniques, the first being ‘molcajete’, the basaltic stone carving in Mexico and the second one is ‘origami’ originating in Japan. The luminaire consists of a stone base, a brass tube and a black folded plastic shade of extraordinary design.


Year: 2016
Material: Plastic, aluminium, recinto stone
Measurements: 18 x 18 x 45 cm
Weight: 750 g
Category: Lighting
Designer: Alejandro Romero and Sandra Cedeño | romero estudio – contact per email
Producer: Ocre Lighting
Joined WWTC: 2019


Buy online at mercado libre here
Price in € (incl. Tax): 94,- (Status Spring 2019)

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