AVO Lights

an atmospheric sphere light of timeless elegance

Photo: Grüne Erde GmbH


The special charm of the lamp Avo originates in the tension between wood and glass. Designed in a modest but classic spherical shape, Avo gracefully unites two materials that stand for stability (wood) and lightness (glass). in the form of a round shape with a silky smooth surface.

The elaborate production demands very high standards of craftsmanship by lathe workers and glass blowers. The base of Avo is made of multiple small pieces of solid wood glued together and lathed to the shape of a cube. The semi-transparent glass-lampshade shaped like a hemisphere protects the light source positioned in a conical inserted glass body. The shade is made with the help of a specially designed, complex mold, in which the glass is mouth-blown and elaborately finished off.

Avo is available in oak or beech wood, is treated with natural oils, and can be used as an overhead light, desk or floor lamp.


Year: 2015
Material: oak wood, glass
Measurements: ø 23 cm
Weight: 4 kg
Category: Product Design
Designer: Johannes Scherr Design, contact per mail 
Producer: Grüne Erde, contact per mail


Produced to order at grüneerde.com here
Price in € (incl. Tax): 414 (Status May 2018)

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