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Posted on: 9. February 2017

Introduction to the project INCLUDING DESIGN
Including design is a project with the goal of spreading common spaces culture through co planning and co production. It focuses on a specific area, Barriera di Milano, neighborhood on the northern hinterland of Torino with an in the making identity, rich of fervor and contradictions, that has always been the first landing space for migration fluxes in the city. This context is illustrative of the necessities of many green spaces that are located in the urban suburbs, that could possibly be transformed from place of decay to leisure, meeting and integration between different cultures. Starting from the open spaces belonging to the Alber Sabin school, lived by the kids and their families, true subjects of the project, we can give a new life to everyday places.
1. Objective
Architettura senza Frontiere Piemonte submit the promotion and cure of everyday public spaces, through creating refurbishment for the school’s garden; intervention in continuity with the project Courtyard Playground (2015-2017), an assignment of participated re-evaluation of outside spaces of the Sabin school.
The contest, being a part of a bigger project (Including design), promotes co planning and co production of objects/furniture for the community. The goal is to get the highest participation in the re-qualification of a public area, to make it an hub for culture and art. The school becomes the reference zone for the community. The contest identifies the community, specially children, families and teachers of the school as client, achiever and beneficiary of the object in contest; social handmade as a surplus value to realize the design’s product.
The contest’s subject must be thought as replicable and easy to assemble product.
2. Subject
The project foresees the creation of a bench, a table, an hanger and a bin for waste, useful objects for the courtyard, that make family’s and school’s necessities concrete.
The design of these objects must respond to the specific directions about both materials and realization modalities of the social craftsmanship carpentry laboratory. The technical feasibility must respond to the community’s needs and expectations. Furthermore the tools must be adequate to the request ( provision of law) taking in account cheapness, the ease of transport and auto construction.
The indications to design are described in a deeper way in images, videos and texts on the website


3. How to Participate
Subscription is free but mandatory, open to individuals from every nationality that are over the age of majority to the date of the publication of the contest.
The contest is open to professionals and students that work in design’s field and will run in two different categories: professionals* and non professionals**. The candidates can participate singularly or in groups.

*individuals with VAT or that have been working within design’s field for at least 6 months

**students or starting designers
4.    Phases and deadlines of the contest
The contest is divided in two phases, the first one, comparable to a ideas contest, will be finalized on the 22nd of February 2017 with the selection of 10 candidates picked by the technical jury (5 from the professionals category and 5 from the non professional category) that will move forward to the second phase.
The second phase requires the deepening of proposals (or projects indications presented in the first phase) and will be concluded on 11th April of 2017, with the selection of 3 projects for each category picked by the technical jury. The winning project will be chosen within the 3 projects selected by the technical jury and will be picked by the People’s jury on the 6th of May 2017.
– 22nd of February 2017 at 6 pm handover of projects first phase

– 11th of April 2017 at 6 pm handover of projects second phase
5. Award

The jury from his sole discretion will declare the assignment of the following awards:
–    Professionals category*: € 800,00.- and the construction of the artifact from Officina 413, conception of a manual for the auto construction of the kit from ASF in collaboration with the winner, promotion of the project and exposition of the same at design events in Italy.
–    Non professionals category**: € 400,00.- *individuals with VAT or that have been working within design’s field for at least 6 months **students or starting designers.


To learn more, visit or download the PDF here.